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Lottery Credit

Who qualifies
You may claim lottery credit if, on January 1, you were an owner of the property and used the property as your primary residence. Your "primary residence" is where you live most of the time. When you are temporarily away, it is the home you ordinarily return to. You can have only one primary residence. Rental or other properties DO NOT qualify for lottery credit. This is a very general explanation of who qualifies, if there are any questions, please contact local treasurer or the County Treasurer's Office.

How To Apply
If you meet the above requirements you may claim lottery credit. Lottery credit applications can be obtained from your local treasurer during tax collection time, from the Oconto County Treasurer's office throughout the remainder of the year or online at

If when you receive your tax bill you find that you should have a lottery credit and do not, contact your local treasurer and sign a late claim card. The amount due for your taxes will then be adjusted. If you find that you do have a lottery credit and should not, contact your local treasurer and have it withdrawn. The amount due will also be adjusted. Remember that the State of Wisconsin will be auditing lottery credit claims and if a parcel does not qualify, the credit and a penalty will need to be paid back.