Draft minutes, not Committee approved

Meeting called to order at 9:45 AM by William Popp, Chair.

COMMITTEE PRESENT: William Popp, Chair; Ron Korzeniewski, Vice-Chair; Terry Brazeau, Secretary; Louis Winkler; Gerald Gehling

OTHERS PRESENT: Pat Virtues, Zoning/Solid Waste Administrator; Shelley Zahm, Administrative Assistant; Ken Dolata, County Soil Conservationist; Lee Rymer, County Board Chair

  1. Approval of Agenda
    Moved by Winkler, seconded by Brazeau to approve the Agenda. Vote carried unanimously.
  2. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meetings
    Moved by Gehling, seconded by Korzeniewski to approve the minutes of December 20, 2011. Vote carried unanimously.
  3. Communications
    A. Letter from Miles Winkler, DNR, regarding Great Lakes study and workshops to explain FEMA detail and methodology. This concerns wave run up, and is very restrictive. Brown County has adopted, but Oconto County does not have to regulate wave run up elevations at this time.
    B. Correspondence from Town of Morgan accepting William LaBrosse's resignation as Deputy Zoning Administrator. They do not wish to replace him at this time.
    C. Natural Resources Board agenda questionnaire on various issues, recycling, wetland jurisdictions, storm water management and erosion control.
  4. Current Legislation
    A. Senate Bill regarding sand frac mining
    B. Petition by citizens regarding respirable emissions, used for hydro fracking
  5. Review and consider exemption of fees/permits for conservation practices when designed and constructed to NRCS technical standards, or programs through Oconto County Land Conservation Department
    The Land Conservation Department has programs with Great Lakes Initiative and Northern Pike Habitat that require zoning permits and possibly public hearings. Most of these are in a shore land area or ditch. They are asking to exempt some of the fees for public hearings and permits. Brown County, Marinette County and Shawano County all have exemptions. Moved by Brazeau, seconded by Winkler to make exemption for fees for the Land Conservation Department for conservation practices. They will still need to obtain the necessary permits. Vote carried unanimously.
  6. Review and consider revocation of Conditional Use Permit issued to Casey Ludwig (Lakewood Zoo)
    The Zoning Department sent a letter to Mr. Ludwig on January 17, 2011 advising him that he needs to come into compliance with USDA and DNR permits for exhibiting and keeping the animals. Mr. Ludwig called Pat Virtues and advised that he has the DNR permit, but not the USDA permit to exhibit animals. The DNR only covers animals native to the United States. There are no rules on possession of exotic animals in Wisconsin, other than those in cities. He is not in compliance with the USDA regulations for proper pen enclosures, adequate veterinary care for the animals, sanitation issues, etc. Mr. Ludwig asked for a sixty day extension on the Conditional use Permit. The revocation hearing will be held on February 22, 2012. The revocation hearing may be cancelled if Mr. Ludwig obtains all state and federal permits.
  7. Report by Planning, Zoning & Solid Waste Administrator
    A. A citation is pending for the Wallendal property in Chase, with the hearing being February 20, 2012.
    B. There is a citation pending on the Birr property in Morgan (pallets) on February 20, 2012. The factory across the road may be cleaning up some of the pallets.
    C. A rezone will be held in February for the Sutrick pallet business.
    D. We have received numerous complaints on camping trailers being parked on properties over sixty days, and the ordinance language may need to be reviewed.
    E. Kelly Lake Seminar for plumbers will be held February 9, 2012. State personnel must be paid for speaking. We will have to pay Ross Fugill $152.00.
    F. Pat Virtues discussed with Corporation Counsel the need for posting notices of hearings in the towns. He was advised that we still need to send notices to the town clerk and town chair, but do not have to post.
  8. Vouchers and Bills
    Moved by Winkler, seconded by Brazeau to pay the bills. Vote carried unanimously.
  9. Set Next Meeting Dates
    Next meetings to be February 28, 2012 and March 27, 2012. Rezone hearings will be held February 24, 2012.
  10. Public Comment/Misc.
  11. Adjournment
    Moved by Gehling, seconded by Korzeniewski to adjourn. Vote carried unanimously. Adjourned at 10:40 AM.

    Terry Brazeau, Secretary