Highway Department

Mission Statement

The mission of the Highway Department is to reconstruct and maintain the County Trunk Highway System. We also provide maintenance services for the State Trunk Highways within Oconto County on a contract basis with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The Department also provides repair, maintenance, blacktopping, gravel, reconstruction, snow removal, and bridge replacement services to the Townships, Cities, and Villages within the County.

The Highway Department's program responsibility is to maintain the County and State Trunk Highway System for safety and convenience of people traveling through the County. The Highway Department provides general, winter, and roadside maintenance for State and County Trunk Highways and parks throughout the County. General maintenance includes: patching, crack filling and seal coating of pavement, shoulder maintenance and vegetation control, bridge and culvert maintenance, litter pickup, guard rail installation and maintenance, signing, pavement marking and traffic control. Winter maintenance includes: plowing State and County Trunk highways, shoveling of bridges, and application of salt to State and County Trunk highways and bridges. Roadside maintenance includes: cleaning and maintaining the buildings and grounds at each park facility. In addition, the department provides road construction, pavement resurfacing (blacktopping), bridge repair, culvert repair and installation and gravel crushing. All the above-mentioned services are available to Towns, Cities, and Villages upon request. To effectively perform these activities, storage maintenance and repair facilities are operated at Mountain, Oconto, Sampson, and Suring locations. Planning and administration are also functions of the department.

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