Medical Examiner

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Oconto County Medical Examiner is to investigate all deaths which are considered suicidal, accidental, homicidal, unexplained, unusual, suspicious, sudden, those where a physician is not available or will not sign a death certificate; and in those deaths where cremation is to be the final disposition of the corpse. Disinterment of a corpse for any reason is also a responsibility of the Medical Examiner's office.

Oconto County Contracts with the Brown County Medical Examiner for Services

The Medical Examiner's office is responsible for investigating deaths and authorizing cremations and disinterment. Additionally, the Medical Examiner's office is represented on a variety of community committees and works closely with community agencies during the course of business. Regarding death investigations, the Medical Examiner's office is part of a multi-disciplinary team (including law enforcement agencies and District Attorney's office), which investigates and if necessary prosecutes cases where death is suicidal, accidental, homicidal, unexplained, unusual, suspicious, sudden, or those where a physician can not or will not sign a death certificate. In these cases, the corpse is under the sole jurisdiction of the Medical Examiner, who carries out all procedures necessary at the scene and thereafter, to maintain evidence about the corpse. The Medical Examiner's records and reports are submitted to the District Attorney for prosecution if appropriate. The Medical Examiner, and the experts working for the Medical Examiner, testifies in court as necessary. All cremations and disinterment require authorization by the Medical Examiner. In the case of cremation, this disposition may not be allowed if investigation finds the cause of death to be undetermined or homicide. In the case of disinterment, the legality of the request must be ascertained prior to authorization.