General Information

Oconto County Planning Department provides assistance with land-use-related activities as Oconto County works toward a vision of being a family-centered destination in which to live, work, and recreate.

Planning staff provide assistance to local communities in areas of:

  • Comprehensive Plan Development, Review and Implementation
  • Zoning Reviews
  • Land Division Reviews
  • Ordinance Review
  • Informational/Educational Opportunities and Materials

Planning staff strive to promote continued intergovernmental cooperation between local officials and Oconto County Planning and Zoning. In addition to local community assistance, planning staff also:

  • Oversee county comprehensive plan development, review, and implementation
  • Provide assistance to county departments with plan development
  • Provide assistance in the review of rezone requests submitted in accordance with the Oconto County Zoning Ordinance
  • Provide assistance in the review and approval of land divisions submitted in accordance with the Oconto County Land Division Ordinance
  • Provide assistance in monitoring and pursuing grant opportunities
  • Provide assistance in ordinance development and revisions
  • Provide Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Assistance

Oconto County 20-Year Vision Statement

(Adopted June 25, 2009)

"Oconto County is the near north destination for those individuals seeking a welcoming family-centered environment in which to live, work, and recreate. Its expanding economy offers a growing number of diverse employment opportunities that have attracted and retained younger generations to be an integral part of the long-term well-being of the county. The county's vast tourism industry is thriving due to responsible planning that has taken full advantage of all the healthy natural features and diverse recreational facilities found in the county. Oconto County's rich natural, agricultural, and cultural resources have not only been preserved but enhanced through the implementation of strong land use policies and longstanding partnerships with local communities and governmental departments. The county's continued prudent investments in infrastructure, personnel, and technology has made Oconto County an economic and social leader in Northeast Wisconsin."

For land-use-related questions or additional information please contact the Oconto County Planning and Zoning Office.