Military Funeral Honors Program

The Military Funeral Honors Program (MFHP) in Wisconsin provides a final tribute to the men and women who served our state and nation honorably as members of the U.S. armed forces. It allows a grateful nation to pay its last respects in a dignified and solemn ceremony. The Military Funeral Honors Program assists Funeral Directors and families by providing and coordinating funeral honors for veterans. Based on available resources honors can include the presence of military members, folding and presentation of the flag, firing details and the sounding of Taps by a bugler or electronic device.

Each veteran is entitled, by law, to at least two uniformed service personnel who will sound "Taps," fold the flag and present it to the next of kin.

The family of the deceased veteran needs to express the desire to have uniformed personnel present to the funeral director, who in turn will contact the MFHP for coordination of the military honors ceremony.

If the family members are arranging military honors without the assistance of a funeral director, they may call the MFHP directly at 877-944-6667 or contact the Veterans Service Office at 920-834-6817. For more information, visit the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs' MFHP page.