Planning Commission


  • As needed

The Planning Commission meets as needed depending on if residents would like to re-zone property, require a land-use permit, a conditional-use permit or any other item that may require review by the Planning Commission.

Anyone wishing to start a construction project in the Town of Bagley will need to contact the Oconto County Zoning Office before work begins to get any necessary permits that may be required.


  • Tom Bauer
  • Karen Christensen
  • Scott Herning
  • Joe Hoerth
  • Mike Rupiper


20-Year Vision Statement

"The Town of Bagley is defined by vast forestlands, numerous lakes and a scattering of agricultural fields, make it an attractive community for full-time and seasonal population. Development is situated in a manner that preserves the town's pristine environment, while residents and visitors are offered quality public services and facilities along with valuable recreational options."

Note: A copy of the 20-Year Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Bagley is available at the Clerk's Office.