Well Water Testing

Oconto County Public Health (OCPH) offers free test kits to those who are eligible. The kits include tests for fluoride, total bacteria, nitrates, and metals. It is best to mail your test kit at the post office on a Monday so it arrives in a timely manner at the State Lab of Hygiene for testing.

To receive a free test kit, you must meet all 4 requirements:

  • Have a child 5 years of age or under or a pregnant woman residing in the home (not just visiting on the weekends, etc.)
  • Live in Oconto County and have a well. This kit is not used for testing city water.
  • Primary residence, not a vacation home/cottage or part-time home.
  • Home is not operating a business, such as a daycare which requires a test to be completed

For those who do not meet the above requirements, the Oconto County UW-Extension Office has test kits to purchase.


Phone: 920-834-7000
Email Health and Human Services