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Civil lawsuits pursue compensation for a perceived wrong. The most common civil suits involve claims for money or property. It begins when one individual (the plaintiff) files a complaint in court against another individual (the defendant). Any person or business may file a civil suit against another. 

Examples of civil cases are: money disputes, breach of contract, personal injury, property damage, and fraud. Small Claims, Evictions, Restraining Orders/Injunctions, and Amending a Vital Record are special types of civil cases and are handled separately. 

Large Claims Civil Lawsuits

A large claims civil case is where damages claimed are more than $10,000 or if a tort claim, over $5,000. Large claims cases are generally more time consuming, formal, complicated, and expensive than small claims cases. It is often advisable to seek legal assistance when filing large claims lawsuits. 

Court staff cannot give legal advice. There are no court-appointed attorneys for civil cases. There are no statewide, standard forms for large claims cases. If you wish to represent yourself, you must become familiar with applicable laws, civil practice/procedure, court rules, trial practice, and appropriate language for court documents. 

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