County Recreation Committee Information & Application

History & Background

Wisconsin counties are authorized to create, promote and conduct, and assist in creating, promoting and conducting recreational activities in the county that are conducive to the general health and welfare, and establish a County Recreation Committee.  In July, 2023 Oconto County established a County Recreation Committee comprised of 5 Oconto County Board Supervisors.  

Recreational activities are defined under Wis. Stats. § 895.52 (1)(g) as any outdoor activity undertaken for the purpose of exercise, relaxation or pleasure, including practice or instruction in any such activity.  “Recreational activity" includes hunting, fishing, trapping, camping, picnicking, exploring caves, nature study, bicycling, horseback riding, bird-watching, motorcycling, operating an all-terrain vehicle or utility terrain vehicle, operating a vehicle, as defined in Wis. Stats. § 340.01(74), on a road designated under Wis. Stats. § 23.115, recreational aviation, ballooning, hang gliding, hiking, tobogganing, sledding, sleigh riding, snowmobiling, skiing, skating, water sports, sight-seeing, rock-climbing, cutting or removing wood, climbing observation towers, animal training, harvesting the products of nature, participating in an agricultural tourism activity, sport shooting and any other outdoor sport, game or educational activity. “Recreational activity" does not include any organized team sport activity sponsored by the owner of the property on which the activity takes place.  

In November, 2023 the County Recreation Committee approved Temporary Policy Guidelines for Recreation Committee Capital Projects. These guidelines are used when evaluating projects. 

Funding Available

The Oconto County Board of Supervisors has allocated a total of $200,000 for capital projects for recreational activities as defined under statute.  There will be no ongoing funding available for operational costs.  The amount of available funding will limit the award to projects.

The maximum award for any single project has been set at $50,000 by the County Recreation Committee.  

How to Apply

The application for projects can be accessed at the link below:

Oconto County American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Project Application

All applications must meet the guidelines outlined for projects. The guidelines are included in the application, but can also be accessed at the link below:

Temporary Policy Guidelines for Recreation Committee Capital Projects

Application Period

Applications will be accepted through April 30, 2024.  Applications received after April 30, 2024 will not be considered.