Can I burn?

A new Department of Natural Resources (DNR) online tool helps residents know "Can I Burn?"

The DNR has a new, interactive online tool that provides information to Wisconsin residents and businesses about open burning.

DNR's open burning webpages now include an interactive tool called "Can I burn?", which allows users to input information regarding their burn intent, locations and types of materials they want to burn, and then provides directions on what to do next.

The online tool is user-friendly and takes less than a minute to complete. If residents are intending to burn several different material types, they will have to complete the tool for each type to determine eligibility.

The new open burning webpages also include updates on open burning's environmental and health impacts, DNR contacts, information on alternative ways to manage materials and how to file open burning complaints.

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1. Can I burn?
2. What kinds of materials may not be burned by individual property owners?
3. What materials are individual property owners allowed to burn outdoors?
4. What can individuals do instead of burning household and yard wastes?
5. It is illegal to use burn barrels to dispose of garbage?
6. Why must people get burning permits or licenses?
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