What if I neglect to have the maintenance completed within the 60 days?

A second notice to have the maintenance completed will be sent. This will note that maintenance shall be completed in an expedited timeline. If not received within that time frame Oconto County has the authority to issue citations and seek legal action to resolve the human health hazard. Remember that the requirements of proper maintenance are to your benefit. Using a financial comparison associated with this maintenance, the annual cost to maintain your vehicle is substantially more than the cost to maintain your POWTS.

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1. Can I perform maintenance sooner than every 3 years?
2. In general when is the best time to have my tank pumped or serviced?
3. Is there information available on proper use and maintenance of my septic system?
4. My system was installed prior to 1989. Why did I receive a notice of maintenance?
5. My tanks were pumped last year and now I received my notice. Do I need to schedule another maintenance inspection considering the tanks were pumped the year prior?
6. What are the licensed pumpers, plumbers, etc. required to inspect?
7. What if I neglect to have the maintenance completed within the 60 days?
8. Why am I required to do maintenance on my cottage septic system when I only use it two or three times a year?
9. Why am I required to have my system maintained every three years?
10. Why do I get a notice and my neighbor has never received a notice to perform maintenance on their septic system?