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General Information

Children do different things at different ages. Some babies sit without support at six months while others need help until they're nine months old. Some toddlers start talking when they're a year old. Others might take longer to say their first words.

If you're worried about the way your baby or toddler is developing, don't wait! The years from birth to age three are so important. Talk with your child's doctor about your concerns. You can also click on links on the menu bar to the right to find contact information for the Birth to 3 Program in your county.

There are people in your community who help children from birth to age three get the start they deserve. They are the therapists and social workers and nurses and teachers who provide early intervention services. They are there to help you and your child. Early intervention simply means help - the extra help your child needs now that might make a difference later.

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Contact:  Phone: (920) 834-7000
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