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Mission Statement

The mission of the Oconto County Libraries is to serve the public; to welcome and support all people in their enjoyment of reading and pursuit of lifelong learning; to provide equal access to information, and to ideas and knowledge through books, programs and technology. The Oconto County Libraries believe in the freedom to read, to learn, and to discover.

Library service in Oconto County is provided by six legally established public libraries:

Farnsworth Public Library (Oconto)
Gillett Public Library

Oconto Falls Public Library
Lena Public Library

Lakes Country Public Library (Lakewood)
Suring Area Public Library

These libraries were created under the authority of Section 43.52, Wisconsin Statutes by their respective cities and villages, and they are governed by municipally appointed library boards. All public library boards must have the local school district superintendent, or their designee, as a member. In addition, one member of the municipal governing body may be appointed to the library board, and up to two members may be nonresidents of the municipality. Library board members serve three-year terms.

Section 43.15(4)(b)(3), Wisconsin Statutes, specifies that a county must enter into written agreement with its public library system “to participate in the system and its activities and to furnish library services to residents of those municipalities in the county not maintaining a public library.” The current agreements between Oconto County and the six libraries were signed in 1987. These agreements need to be updated to reflect the goals and objectives of this plan and to further articulate the relationship between the county and the six libraries.

Contact:  Jim Lacourciere
Phone: 920-834-4684
Address:  317 Madison St.,
Oconto, WI 54153

Library Services Board