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Well Water

Oconto County Public Health (OCPH) offers free test kits to those who are eligible. The kits test for fluoride, total bacteria, nitrates, and metals.

To receive a free test kit, you must meet all 4 requirements:
  1. Have a child 5 years of age or under or a pregnant woman residing in the home (not just visiting on the weekends, etc.)
  2. Live in Oconto County and have a well. This kit is not used for testing city water.
  3. Primary residence, not a vacation home/cottage or part time home.
  4. Home is not operating a business, such as a day care which requires a test to be completed.
If you do not meet these requirements, call Oconto County UW-Extension at 920-834-6845 to buy a well water test kit.

Call OCPH at 920-834-7000 for more information on well water test kits.

Fix your flooded well:

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