Links from the Oconto County Web Site
The purpose of the Oconto County web site is to provide citizens, businesses and visitors a wide range of information about the County. As part of this public purpose, the web site includes links to outside web sites compatible with this goal. The County has no control over the format, content, or accuracy of any information found on any web site not a part of County's web site (specifically, any site not a part of the domains "" or ""). The County is not responsible for, does not endorse, and cannot assure the accuracy of information on outside web sites.

The following criteria will be used in considering requests for links from the County of Oconto web site. If a particular request is not granted, the requester may ask the County to decide whether to approve the request. The County will review the merits of the requested link, keeping in mind the following criteria, to determine whether it serves the overall purpose of the Oconto's web site.

The Oconto reserves the right to determine how and where external links will appear on its web site; i.e. what page the link appears on and where the link is placed on the page.

The Oconto's web site may provide links to web sites for:
  • Governmental and educational institutions
  • Organizations funded or created by the County of Oconto
  • Nonprofit neighborhood associations within the County of Oconto
  • Non-partisan web sites that encourage the informed and active participation of Oconto County residents in government
  • Organizations providing the public with information or access to the arts, humanities, culture or education
  • Nonprofit organizations providing employment, health and other services to Oconto County residents
  • Non-profit Oconto County business development organizations
  • Web guides providing information about Oconto County hotels, restaurants, retail stores and similar businesses
  • Local and regional media web sites
  • Organizations partnering with the County of Oconto to meet the County's strategic or operational goals
The County's web site will not provide links to web sites for:
  • Candidates for local, state or federal offices
  • Political organizations or other organizations advocating a position on a local, state or federal issue
  • Corporate or other for-profit organizations unless they fit any of the criteria stated above
  • Individual or personal home pages