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October 12, 2020 - Notice of Public Hearings - Board of Adjustments - October 28, 2020

Notice is hereby given that public hearings will be held by the Oconto County Board of Adjustment under the Oconto County Zoning Ordinance and/or the Oconto County Shoreland Protection Ordinance on October 28, 2020.

APPLICATION NO. 1 at 8:45 AM, or as soon thereafter as the Board may convene, at the Riverview Town Hall for Robert and Jodi Boucher, W5806 Wick Road, Black Creek, WI  54106, for a variance to build closer to the centerline of the road.  Location of the property is in Section 35, T32N, R16E, Town of Riverview, 14637 Bear Paw Trail.  (On-site inspection at 8:30 AM)

APPLICATION NO. 2 at 10:30 AM, or as soon thereafter as the Board may convene at the ABRAMS TOWN HALL for James Glinski, 1632 County Road S, Little Suamico, WI  54141 and Lee Helmle, et al, 5585 Linda Lane, Little Suamico, WI  54141, Agent: Vladislav Yatsenko, 4570 Crooked Creek Lane, Oneida, WI  54155 for a Conditional Use Permit for semi truck and trailer sales, auto sales and an animal grooming business.  Location of the property is in Section 26, T26N, R20E, Town of Little Suamico, 843 E. Frontage Road.  (On-site inspection at 10:00 AM)

APPLICATION NO. 3 at 10:45 AM, or as soon thereafter as the Board may convene at the ABRAMS TOWN HALL for Larry Belongia, 5512 Kruegers Quarry Road, Oconto, WI  54153 for a Conditional Use Permit to establish a home based business from an accessory structure for fabrication and sale of wood cabinets and furniture.  Location of the property is in Section 2, T27N, R20E, Town of Abrams, 5512 Kruegers Quarry Road.  (On-site inspection at 10:15 AM)

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to Covid concerns and the potential for restrictions in place at the time of the scheduled hearings, if limitations are imposed on the number of persons in large gatherings or any other Covid restriction that would make face to face meetings a public health safety concern, the hearings will be held remotely using virtual media at the Oconto County Law Enforcement Center, Room 1389A and 1389B. No onsite inspections will then be held. Public hearings will then begin with Application # 1 at 8:45 am with all sequential applications immediately following the previous application. Should Covid restrictions be imposed, anyone wishing to offer oral testimony must register in advance.  To register contact the Planning & Zoning Department for instructions at 920-834-6827.  Written testimony may be submitted prior to the public hearing. To assure your testimony will be read into the record, the Oconto County Board of Adjustment encourages you to submit written testimony to the Zoning office 24 hours prior to the October 26, 2020 public hearing. Please submit written testimony via email at or by mail to Oconto County Board of Adjustment 301 Washington St. Oconto, WI 54153.  Further details of accessing the hearings via virtual media will be posted on the Oconto County website at

Notice is further given that printed copies of these proposals are available for public inspection in the Zoning Office, Courthouse, Oconto, Wisconsin during regular office hours. It is possible that a quorum of the Highway Committee may be present at the meeting, however, it is not intended that Highway Committee business will be conducted by the Board of Adjustment.

Dated:  October 8, 2020.

For: The Oconto County Board of Adjustment
                                                            By:      Patrick Virtues, Zoning Administrator