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May 2, 2008 - Work Adjacent to County Highway

The Oconto County Highway Department is responsible for maintaining County Trunk Highway rights-of-way for the good of the public who own it. Highway right-of-way is typically owned by the county and is the area dedicated for highway use; it includes the roadway itself along with any ditch or terrace area and varies in width. The Oconto County Highway Department would like to remind individuals that signs, including political signs, fences, landscaping, or other structures are not allowed to be placed or constructed in the highway right-of-way. Property owners could be held legally responsible if items in the highway right-of-way cause harm or damage to others. Any work on the right-of-way including constructing or modifying driveways requires a permit, permits can be obtained by contacting the highway office. Landowners are also asked to consider the safety of the traveling public when selecting a mailbox support. The US Postal Service has some requirements for the mailbox and its height as well. Please feel free to contact the Oconto County Highway Department office at 920-834-6885 if you have questions regarding any of these issues.