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November 12, 2015 - Notice of Public Hearing - Text Amendments - December 2, 2015

Notice is hereby given that the Oconto County Planning and Zoning Committee of the Oconto County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing on proposed text amendments to the Oconto County Zoning & Sanitary Ordinances on December 2, 2015 beginning at 11:30 am at the Lakewood Administrative Building 17181 Twin Pines Rd, Lakewood, WI 54138. The changes to be considered are as follows:
When bold print is used it indicates an addition to the ordinance. When strikethrough print is used it indicates a deletion from the ordinance.
14.402 Accessory Structures
Accessory structures which are customarily incidental to and compatible with permitted principal structures and uses shall be permitted subject to the district regulations and as described below:

Accessory structures shall not be permitted until its associated principal structure is present or under construction, except that one accessory storage building may be permitted prior to the erection of a principal structure, provided the following requirements are met:

The floor area of the accessory structure shall not exceed 1000 square feet.

a. Side wall Total height: The height of the highest side wall of an accessory structure shall not exceed 18 feet unless a conditional use permit is approved by the Board of Adjustment. measured from the grade elevation to the highest point on the roof.

< >. There shall be no skylights, patio doors or other non-standard garage window glazing in the building.Not more than one overhead garage door and entrance door.

c. There shall be no water service, sanitary waste disposal connected to the accessory building.

< >. Accessory buildings located on any rural residential, agricultural or forestry type zoning districts used for general farm use and airparks shall be exempt from this standard.< > Parcels less than 5 acres shall require a soil and site evaluation report be filed in the Oconto County Zoning Department defining an area to be preserved for a future POWTS sized for a typical 3 bedroom dwelling in compliance with Section 12.106 (3) of the Oconto County Sanitary Ordinance.f. Preserved principal structure area: Parcel site plan shall show location of a compliant and accessible buildable lot area of not less than 1000 sq ft. The designated area shall be preserved for a future principal structure. and an interior floor plan of the accessory structure.

g. Site plan shall include an interior floor plan of the accessory structure.

5. Accessory structures such as sheds, storage buildings, greenhouses, related facilities, pools and associated equipment, garages, well houses, pump houses and decks exceeding 2 feet above ground level may not be located within the front (road), side, rear and/or shoreland setback, must comply with required maximum lot coverage standards and the following requirements:

Accessory structures shall not be designed for or used for human habitation, including but not limited to; lounging, cooking, eating, sleeping, bathing or any form of human habitation, occupancy or living purposes, even if on a temporary or incidental basis.
Accessory structures may be permitted to include plumbing and electricity for the purpose of a bathroom associated with a personal workshop.
Accessory structures in any residential R-1, R-2, R-3 zoning district shall not exceed one story or a side wall height of 18 feet measured from the grade elevation to the highest point on the roof unless a conditional use permit is approved by the Board of Adjustment.
Any accessory structure which includes living quarters shall provide documentation that the construction is tied into the existing roofline and foundation of the principal structure or documentation by local building inspector that the design meets state uniform dwelling codes for adjoining to principal structure.
Structures in airparks shall be exempt from these requirements.

14.1803 Conditional Uses
Institutional (penal, correctional, religious, mental, orphanage or of a similar nature)
Utility towers
Auto Reclamation Yard.Providing that no more than 25 unlicensed vehicles are kept on the premise which are not kept in an enclosed building.
Retail or wholesale business involving sales of goods and/or services, unless otherwise noted within this ordinance.
Equipment sales and service (farm, automobiles, mobile homes, machinery, etc.).
< >Mini-Warehouses and Mini-Storage
Transportation Services

All sections noted in the Oconto County Sanitary Ordinance referring to WI Admin. Code Comm 81-91 are to be renamed and renumbered as SPS 381-391 accordingly in compliance with recent WI Administrative Code changes.