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July 22, 2019 - Notice of Public Hearing - August 12, 2019 - Waupee Flowage Dam Failure Analysis

Notice is hereby given that the Oconto County Planning & Zoning Committee will hold a public hearing on August 12, 2019 at the Mountain Community Center, 13503 Weller Road, Mountain at 1:45 PM, or as soon thereafter as the committee may convene to solicit comments on the proposed adoption of the Waupee Flowage Dam 100 Year Dam Failure Analysis Floodplain Maps and Flood Profiles for properties located downstream of Waupee Creek into Chapter 21, Oconto County Floodplain Ordinance of the Oconto County Code of Ordinances.  A copy of the proposed flood study, maps and profiles will be on file in the office of the Oconto County Clerk for a period of two weeks prior to the public hearing.

(15)  Waupee Flowage Dam Failure Analysis, prepared by Ayres Associates.  Approved by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources May 17, 2019.
The proposed amendments are intended to protect life, health and property in floodplain areas and will govern uses permitted in mapped floodplains.  Activities such as dredging, filling, excavating and construction of buildings are generally allowed but may be restricted according to which flood zone the property is in.
All persons interested are invited to attend this hearing and be heard.  Written comments may be submitted to Oconto County Planning & Zoning Committee, Ken Linzmeyer, Chairman, 301 Washington Street, Oconto, WI  54153.
For viewing of the proposed floodplain analysis, please refer to the Oconto County Website
Dated this 18th day of July, 2019.
                                                            OCONTO COUNTY PLANNING & ZONING COMMITTEE OF
                                                            THE OCONTO COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS
                                                            By:  Patrick Virtues