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May 11, 2020 - Health Officer Order #5

Oconto County Health Officer Debra Konitzer announced the issuance of Health Officer Order #5 which allows Oconto County’s public and private campgrounds to open non-seasonal campsites for campers with independent units only, meaning self-contained bathroom facilities.  The Order contains requirements to protect the health and safety of campground staff and occupants.  Health Officer Order #5 goes into effect on Tuesday, May 12, 2020 at 8:00 a.m. and remains in effect as long as the Safer at Home Order (Emergency Order #28) is in effect, including any extensions of the Order or as otherwise ordered by Oconto County Public Health.     

“Oconto County officials have been working together to monitor the status of the COVID-19 pandemic in the state and county,” stated Debra Konitzer, Oconto County Health Officer. “After careful consideration, we will allow the opening of the campgrounds, within the provisions of the Safer at Home Order.”

Campground management will be responsible for assuring that the requirements are met within the campground and by camping occupants.

Campground restrictions are as follows:
  • Campgrounds are required to comply with the Safer at Home Order Sections 13.b, 13.d, and 13.e as well as close swimming pools, beaches, hot tubs and exercise facilities.
  • Campgrounds must not allow guests to congregate in common areas such as lobbies, and also must provide enough space for people to practice social distancing in common areas.
  • Campgrounds must prohibit use of buildings that encourage social gathering such as toilet, laundry and shower facilities.
  • Campgrounds must limit all campsites to members of a single household or living unit and prohibit all other private gatherings of any number of people.
Campsite occupants are required to follow the Safer at Home Order.  This means to maintain social distancing of six feet at all times, remain at their campsite except for the exceptions allowed in the Safer at Home Order and to not gather with of any number of people that are not part of their single household/living unit.