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March 31, 2022 - Free Child Care Foundational Training Coming Soon!

The State of Wisconsin, Department of Children and Families (DCF) and our training instructor partners have listened to your requests for accessible and affordable training and support. In response to the workforce shortage in child care, we are pleased to announce free Child Care Foundational Training, specifically for new child care professionals, coming in summer 2022.

The Child Care Foundational Training courses covers the following non-credit trainings delivered in an interactive online and in-person format:
  • Introduction to the Child Care Profession
  • Fundamentals of Infant and Toddler Care
  • Fundamentals of Family Child Care
  • Skills and Strategies for the Child Care Teacher
**Introduction to the Child Care Profession (includes SIDS and SBS/AHT required training) and Fundamentals of Family Child Care are required to become a Certified Child Care Provider.

This is a tremendous opportunity if you are thinking of starting a child care business in your home. Oconto County, like others in the State, is in great need of regulated child care providers so parents can get off of waitlists and get their children into a quality child care environment.

These FREE courses will begin in summer of 2022. Contact me at (Child Care Coordinator) to get information on how to sign up for these important courses.