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Juvenile Court Services

   • Court Intake and Studies
– The Department works closely with the Circuit Court to provide services to youth. These services are defined in Chapter 938 of the Wisconsin State Statutes. Services include: intake and assessment, case plans, services to delinquent youth, treatment plans, recommendations, and permanency plans.

   • Juvenile Correctional Institution Services
– If the safety of the community cannot be assured, a juvenile may be placed in a secure detention facility or juvenile correctional facility. Oconto County juveniles are placed at Lincoln Hills School or Copper Lake School in Irma, Wisconsin. The Department provides case management services, coordinating those services with correctional staff to ensure that the family and juvenile are meeting the conditions of the court. Fees are based on child support standards.

   • Juvenile In Need of Protection or Services (JIPS)
– Services to juveniles who are truant from school, runaways, and/or uncontrollable.

   • Juvenile Probation and Supervision
– Provide formal and informal supervision and deferred prosecution supervision to youth who have been referred to the Department by law enforcement for delinquent behavior. Formal supervision is ordered by the court and deferred prosecution is a plan agreed to by the child, parents, and juvenile court worker. The purpose is to monitor behavior, establish rules of conduct, prevent inappropriate behavior, and provide or arrange services to alleviate the problem. The juvenile’s parents are responsible to pay for post adjudication services based upon their income.

   • Juvenile Reintegration and Aftercare
– Provides services to delinquent children and their families following the child’s release from a correctional facility. These services focus on strengthening family ties, aiding in the transition from a correctional facility to the community and ensuring that the conditions of release are met. The juvenile’s parents are responsible to pay for post adjudication services based upon their income.

   • Restitution
– Court ordered or voluntary payments to victims of juvenile delinquent acts (crimes). The Department coordinates the collection and payment of restitution to the victims.

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