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Oconto County Healthy Lakes Cost Share Program

This Funding Program is to provide financial assistance to communities to enhance, protect and restore water quality, fish and wildlife habitat, tourism and recreational values.

Successful applicant will be eligible for funds up to 10% of the total project cost if applicant is receiving other state or federal grants, or up to 50% if the applicant is not receiving state or federal grants. A maximum cost share cap will be 10%/50% or $7,000.00, limited to whichever cap is reached first. The annual funding pool will be set at $35,000.00 unless otherwise approved by the Land & Water Conservation Committee.

Applications will be accepted from January 2nd to September 1st of each year. The Land & Water Conservation Committee will make final awards by November 1st of that year.

Oconto County Healthy Waters Cost Share Policy- Download
Oconto County Healhty Waters Grant Application- Download
Oconto County Healthy Waters Cost Share Scoring Criteria Sheet- Download
Oconto County Healthy Waters Brochure- Download

If you have any questions please contact the Land & Water Conservation Department

Contact:  Ken Dolata - County Conservationist
Phone: 920-834-7152
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