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Scrap Metal

Acceptable Materials

All Scrap Metal Is Accepted - Stoves, Brass, Copper, Appliances, Etc.

Prepare for Discarding

A Fee is required for any Apppliance containing Freon. Freon contained appliances must not be placed in the scrap metal pile. Consult with attendant for proper placement.

Microwaves. Consult with attendant for proper placement.

Bikes with rubber tires removed.

Riding lawn mowers with tires removed. If attached, a charge per tire is applied.

Do Not Recycle with Scrap Metals

TV's or other electronics (Recycle with electronics not a scrap metal item)
Chemical Aerosols (insecticides, etc.)
Plastic vacuum cleaners
Fridges or freezers with meat or food spoilage inside
Metal pipes with cement.

Scrap Metal Recycling Facts:
  • 43% of the copper, 32% of the aluminum, 55% of the lead, and 19% of the zinc needed as raw materials in the U.S. are supplied by "scrap" recycling
  • About 11.5 million tons of ferrous (e.g., steel and iron) waste is generated in the U.S. annually
  • Through recycling each year, the steel industry saves enough energy to power 18 million homes
  • Americans throw away enough iron and steel to continuously supply the nation's automakers